The Unfinished Palazzo

The Unfinished Palazzo

Written by Judith Mackrell

Narrated by Julia Franklin

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Commissioned in 1750, the Palazzo Venier was planned as a testimony to the power and wealth of a great Venetian family, but the fortunes of the Venier family waned and the project was left abandoned and unfinished. Yet in the early 20th century it attracted three fascinating women: Luisa Casati, Doris Castlerosse and Peggy Guggenheim. Luisa held parties as extravagant as Renaissance court operas. Doris hosted film stars and royalty at glittering gatherings. And for Peggy, the Palazzo served as a home for her exquisite collection of modern art.

Author: Judith Mackrell
Narrator: Julia Franklin
Genres: Biography & Autobiography, History
Categories: Fiction > Adult
ISBN: 9781510094604
Type: CD
Item No: RTL5883
Duration: 16 hours, 45 minutes
Publication Date: 1 January 2018
Content Rating:
  • Language: Strong
  • Sex: Moderate
  • Violence: Mild

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