Written by Eliza Robertson

Narrated by Caitlin Thorburn

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It is 1950, and Willa's mother has a new beau. The arrival of his blue-eyed, sun-kissed sons at Willa's summer home signals the end of her safe childhood. Willa is drawn to the strange and solitary younger brother, Patrick. As they grow up, their encounters become increasingly charged with sexuality and degradation. But when Willa finally tries to reverse the trajectory of their relationship, an act of desperation has devastating results.

“A young writer who succeeds in imagining the world afresh.” INDEPENDENT “A significant new talent.” INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

Author: Eliza Robertson
Narrator: Caitlin Thorburn
Genres: Modern Fiction, Literature
Categories: Fiction > Adult
ISBN: 9781510095236
Type: CD
Item No: RTL5789
Duration: 6 hours, 45 minutes
Number of CDs: 6 CDs
Publication Date: 2 November 2017
Content Rating:
  • Language: Strong
  • Sex: Strong
  • Violence: Strong

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