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    Kid Normal Q&A with Greg James and Chris Smith

    Earlier in the year Kid Normal was nominated by The British Book Awards in the Audiobook of the Year category. Written and narrated by BBC Radio One personalities Greg James and Chris Smith, Kid Normal tells the hilarious story of Murph Cooper, a young boy who accidentally enrols in a school for children with superpowers.

    The winners of the British Book Awards will be announced at an event on Monday 14th May, and we've got our fingers crossed for Kid Normal to take the prize.

    We interviewed Greg James and Chris Smith to ask them all about their audiobook!

    How does narrating a book compare to writing one?

    Actually, for us the two processes aren't that dissimilar. Writing collaboratively means we spend a lot of time prancing around acting out the scenes and characters, so we had a pretty good idea of the voices and inflexion before we even thought about the audiobook. We both come from an audio background so it's natural that we'd work that way around. It's almost like taking dictation from ourselves sometimes.

    How did you decide who would narrate which parts?

    Well, anyone who's ever seen one of the Kid Normal live shows will know that Greg's great at the voices - Nektar is his particular favourite! But as a former drama student it seemed obvious that he'd do the characters and Chris - who after all as a newsreader is the narrator of world events - would fulfil the same role for the world of Kid Normal.

    How did you promote the audiobook?

    Most of the promotion so far has been online and via social media. But we view this very much as a long game - it's not just about making a massive fuss at launch then doing nothing. So, there'll be more talk about the audiobooks as the series develops.

    How many books will there be in the series?

    Bloomsbury loved the first two so much that they’ve asked us to do two more and if they feel the same after those two, we’d happily write more after that. We love this world we’ve created and actually the stories and possibilities within it are endless. We feel like we’ve only just got going.

    Would you like the book to be turned into a film or TV show?

    We can see the stories really clearly in our heads - and we think they'd make amazing movies, obviously! But that was never the intention. If we'd really, really wanted to make a film we'd have collaborated on a screenplay. In reality we really, really wanted to write a book, so that's what we did. The books will always come first, they're the bedrock. Whatever is built afterwards stands or falls on the strength of that foundation.

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