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    Gift Inspiration For Audiobook Lovers


    An audiobook is the gift that keeps on giving, something you can listen to time and time again.

    Whether your loved ones are a fan of non-fiction books, crime and thrillers or sagas and mysteries, we’ve got an audiobook to suit every taste!

    We've selected six titles that would make the perfect presents for audiobook lovers this Christmas!

    For Fans of Historical Fiction

     The Shadow Sister

    Written by Lucinda Riley  Narrated by Jessica Preddy

    When their father dies, Star D'Aplièse and her six sisters, all adopted by him from the four corners of the world, are left with few clues to their heritage. But Star - the most enigmatic of the sisters - is hesitant to step out of the safety of the close relationship she shares with her sister CeCe. In desperation, she decides to follow her first clue, which leads her to an antiquarian bookshop in London, and the start of a whole new world…

    The Shadow Sister is the third book in Lucinda Riley's spellbinding series, loosely based on the mythology of the Seven Sisters star cluster.


    For Fans of Crime

    His Bloody Project

    Written by Graeme Macrae Burnet   Narrated by Crawford Logan and Cameron Mowat

    A brutal triple murder in a remote Scottish farming community in 1869 leads to the arrest of seventeen-year-old Roderick Macrae. There is no question that Macrae committed this terrible act. What would lead such a shy and intelligent boy down this bloody path? Presented as a collection of documents, His Bloody Project opens with a series of police statements taken from the villagers, which offer conflicting impressions throwing Macrae’s motive and his sanity into question.



    For Fantasy Junkies

    Rebel of the Sands

    Written by Alwyn Hamilton  Narrated by Soneela Nankani

    Rebel of the Sands is packed with train robberies, festivals under the stars, powerful Djinni magic and an electrifying love story. Dustwalk is Amani's home. The desert sand is in her bones. But she wants to escape. More than a want. A need. Then a foreigner with no name turns up to save her life, and with him the chance to run. But to where? The desert plains are full of danger. Sand and blood are swirling, and the Sultan's enemies are on the rise.

    "Alwyn Hamilton's debut novel is a high-concept, and highly enjoyable, epic fantasy adventure." GUARDIAN


    For Animal Lovers

    The Ghost of Christmas Paws

    Written by Mandy Morton  Narrated by Jenny Funnell

    It's a week before Christmas and Hettie and Tilly set out on a very dangerous case for The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency. Lady Eloise Crabstock-Singe has summoned them to Crabstock Manor, hoping they can solve the mystery of Christmas Paws: a servant cat that haunts the Manor, intent on killing off all the Crabstocks. Through blizzard and storm, stranded on the notorious Bodkin Moor, will Hettie and Tilly save the day and get home in time for Christmas dinner?

    "Anyone who has ever loved a cat will love this book." NICOLA UPSON


    For Football Enthusiasts

    5000-1 The Leicester City Story

    Written by Rob Tanner  Narrated by Leighton Pugh

    In August 2015 bookmakers priced Leicester at 5000-1 to win the Premier League – the same odds as Elvis being found alive. On 2 May 2016, Leicester won, to ecstatic celebrations in the city and around the world. Leicester Mercury ’s chief football writer, Rob Tanner, relives the great escape of 2015 to the curtain-closer at Stamford Bridge. Tanner’s book tells the inside story of Leicester City’s triumph – and the players who under Claudio Ranieri’s inspired leadership became the most unlikely champions in football history.

    The incredible as-it-happened story of Leicester City’s march to Premier League Victory. 


    One for the Kids

    Beetle Boy

    Written by M. G. Leonard  Narrated by the author

    Darkus is miserable. His dad has disappeared and now he is living next door to the most disgusting neighbours ever. A giant beetle called Baxter comes to his rescue. But can the two solve the mystery of his dad's disappearance, especially when links emerge to cruel Lucretia Cutter and her penchant for beetle jewellery? A coffee-mug mountain, home to a million insects, could provide the answer - if Darkus and Baxter are brave enough to find it.

    “Reminiscent of Roald Dahl.” BOOKSELLER


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