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    Audiobook of the Week: Anatomy of a Soldier by Harry Parker

    This week's audiobook of the week is Anatomy of a Soldier written by former soldier Harry Parker.

    Anatomy of a Soldier​ is a moving and fiercely dramatic novel about one man's journey of survival and the experiences of those around him in the midst of war. What makes this novel so unique is that it is told from the personified perspective of forty-five  different objects, all present at the terrifying and life-changing moment when the protagonist steps on a land mine – losing both of his legs. 

    Listen to the first chapter here:


    Anatomy of a Soldier 

    By Harry Parker 

    Narrated by Finlay Robertson

    Captain Tom Barnes is leading British troops in a war zone. On all sides of this conflict, people are about to be caught up in the violence… We see the characters not as they see themselves, but as all the objects surrounding them do: shoes and boots, a helmet, a drone, a bag of fertilizer, a medal, a beer glass, dog tags, an exploding IED and the medical implements that are subsequently employed.

    “It is a novel of concentrated ferocity and chilling accomplishments, tense and unflinching but alive to every nuance of feeling.” HILARY MANTEL

    “This is a brilliant book, direct from the battle zone, where all the paraphernalia of slaughter is deployed to tell its particular and savage story.” EDNA O’BRIEN


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